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tests. the fbi is working the case with other agencies. anita brikman is with me for more on the effects of ricin. >> there is no antidote for ricin right now so avoiding exposure is paramount. it's found naturally in caster beans and can be ex trabtd during -- extracted during the processing. ricin has been tested as an experimental way to kill cancer cells but it doesn't take a lot to kill a whole person. the symptoms depend on the way you're exposed, whether the poison has been inhaled or ingested. with inhalation, people have trouble breathing. fever and cough and fluid can breathe up in their lungs. with digestion, vomiting and diarrhea are the first signs and it can lead to organ failure. the cdc says what doctors can do is supportive therapy. you support the patient, give them i.v. fluids, put them on a respirator. >> and hope they didn't take enough to kill them. >> that's exactly right. >>> we are learning more about what could prove to be the big clue at the bombing of the boss responsible marathon this hour. boston television stations say they passed these pictu
at the starting line. >> the f.b.i. is investigating it as an act of terrorism. >> pelley: john miller, bob orr and elaine quijano have the latest including what we now know about the bombs. we've learned the identities of two of the dead, a woman and an 8-year-old. jeff glor on martin, the boy who put a face on the tragedy. dr. jon lapook tells us how the youngest of the wounded are being treated tonight. and don dahler on the stories survivors are telling. >> everybody was just spectacular. the most well organized response i've seen in my entire life. captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley reporting tonight from boston. >> pelley: good evening. no motive, no suspects, and the f.b.i. is now asking for help to identify the marathon bomber. they found a lot of evidence in the area behind us. we're just across the street from the boston public library next to boylston street where two bombs exploded yesterday at the world's premiere marathon. the f.b.i. appealed to the public came this evening. the agent in charge, richard deslauriers asked the public for le
at the boston marathon. >> we are going to hear from the fbi on the investigation and then the mayor and i have a couple of follow on comments and announcements with respect to the recovery. and then any of us are available to take questions from any of you. let me start with special agent deloria. >> thank you very much, governor patrick. and again, my name is rick deloria. let me recap our investigative efforts this afternoon. yesterday at this time, our collaborative efforts were on saving lives and treating the injured. resources were directed to ensure the safety of our community. as soon as those important tasks were completed, first responders focused on a criminal investigation. the joint terrorism task force composed of more than 30 agencies, including the boston police, the massachusetts state police, atf, hsi, united states secret service and others responded to the scene. many of them were already there as part of the general security firm for the marathon already in place. the first step law enfor me to say enforcement took was to preserve the area. this morning, the fbi along wi
federal acts from the f.b.i. -- agents from the f.b.i., homeland security and a list of other agencies conducted searches of some nearby buildings looking for clues and possible suspects. three people, including an 8- year-old boy, were killed in the explosions. more than a hundred other people are injured. >> the explosions went off about 15 seconds apart and were about 100 yards from each other. more than a dozen people remain hospitalized in critical condition. president obama vowed to find those responsible for the bombings and to bring them to justice. the president never mentioned the word terrorism but the fbi is treating the explosions as a terror act. no group so far has claimed responsibility for the blasts. >>> cities around the country have increased police patrols in light of these bombings. the secret service has spannedded its security perimeter on the white house as well. and police in london are getting very strict with their security because the london marathon is coming up this sunday. >> wusa9's delia goncalves is live in the satellite center with more on the respon
cordoned off a three to five-block radius around the area where these two blasts went off. the fbi has taken over the investigation. the white house says these attacks are being treated as an act of terror. a pair of explosions at the finish line of the boston marathon. the bloody scene shocked many here in boston and around the world. >> you hear about things in other countries and other places and i guess in the united states we have to be aware that perhaps more of that will be coming our way. >> reporter: the investigation started almost immediately. officials cordoned off several blocks around the bomb site in order to allow bomb squad detectives to sweep the area for more explosive devices. early tuesday morning we learned federal and local authorities are searching an apartment of someone they are calling a person of interest in the boston suburb. >> this is a very thorough and active and fluid ongoing investigation. >> reporter: police searched surveillance cameras in the area and cbs has learned that at least one piece of video shows a man carrying two backpacks who was in the
was horrible. >> overnight the police and fbi search an apartment in the boston suburb of revere. agents have not said what, if anything, they have found. >> we'll turn every rock over to find the people responsible for this. >> major cities like miami, chicago, new york, los angeles, they are all on heightened states of alert this morning. >> the london marathon will go ahead as planned on sunday. organizers reviewing security surrounding the event. >> all that -- >> moments of silence threw ball parks and arenas throughout the country for those impacted by the boston bombing. >> boston is my home prayer. my thoughts and prayers are with the people of boston and everybody who has been affected by this absolutely senseless act. >> and all that matters. >> there's this touching tribute. the green building at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge lit up as the american flag. >> boston is a tough and resilient town. the american people will be with them every single step of the way. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose in new york. norah o
the finish line will remain a crime scene for at least two more days. the f.b.i. agent in charge would not confirm reports agents are questioning a saudi national who was injured in the blast. police searched his home in the suburb of revere. >> i'm not going to say who it might or might not be in custody right now. >> reporter: the injured people, several of whom lost limbs in the attack, are being treated in hospitals across the city. doctors say the bombs were packed with shrapnel. >> probably this bomb had multiple metallic gregments in them. we removed nails. >> reporter: no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. mayor thomas menino says yesterday was a bad day for boston, but the city will overcome. reporting live in boston, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> thank you, randall. >>> washington, d.c. along with other u.s. cities have increased their security after yesterday's attack. part of new york's laguardia airport has been evacuated due to a report of a suspicious package. here locally, d.c. police have increased their patrols along today's emancipation day parade
. but the search for the killers here continue to expand. and the fbi says someone, someone knows who did this. they ask people to think. somebody talk about targeting the boston marathon? did they hear explosions in a rural area? did they see anyone carrying a heavy black or dark colored backpack? >> we can asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15, in any way, indicate he or she targeted the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> we are leaving flowers. they are remembering all the people. >> reporter: two eight-year- olds were trying to comprehend the violence. hoping to explain the unexplainable. >> i told them that some very bad people did some very bad things here. >> kind of scared, but kind of like we can get them. >> scene early quiet, watched over by heavily armed officers. runners came, remembering friends and the people who had been there at the finish line. >> we need strength. i feel like i want to run to those people. unfortunately. >> outside the home of martin richards, a smiling 8-year-old who loved to run and c
to claim responsibility. the fbi calling this a potential terrorism investigation. >> one problem is people will jump to conclusions. i was around on air doing commentary on the 1996 bombing in the olympic park. at that point richard jewel was fingered as the suspect. >> reporter: a suspect who ended up not being guilty. know the name eric robert rue do feel? he is serving life in prison for it. >> they will evaluate the device. >> reporter: ed clark says we will know more in hours and days to come. >> could be that lone wolf sleeper, didn't let a lot out maybe a handful of individuals who could be involved we don't know. >> reporter: what we know is an ounce of doubt, what was supposed to be the ultimate triumph in human ability and perserverance, ended up a low. >>> it is highly likely within 24 hours some body at some level will know, have a good idea who carried this out. >> you need to be patient, follow the good facts. >> experts say the fact that one bomb was recovered intact is a big advantage and maybe they can recover a finger print, human hair anything that could get them one ste
. the fbi now taking the lead calling this a potential terrorism investigation. >> one of the problems with this, people will jump to conclusions. i was around doing commentary on the 1996 bombing in the olympic park. at that point richard jewel was fingered immediately as a suspect. >> reporter: a suspect who ended up not being guilty. know the name erik robert rudolph? he's serving life in prison for it. >> they'll be evaluating the devices they recover. >> reporter: we'll know more in the hours and days to come. >> could very well be that lone wolf sleeper didn't let a lot out, maybe a handful of individuals who may be involved are perpetrators. we don't know. >> reporter: what we do know is that without an ounce of doubt what was supposed to be the ultimate triumph in human ability and perseverance ended up the ultimate low in dispickability and cowardness. >> it's highly likely within 24 hours somebody at some level is going to know, have a pretty good idea who carried this out. we need to be patient and follow the facts. >> that was debra alfarone reporting. one of the interestin
to that apartment in revere that f.b.i., police, and other federal agents raided that home, but we still don't know the connection. of course as with everything involved in this investigation, details are still sketchy and still fluid, very unfoaldzing at this hour. the blasts have shaken bostonians and many around the world. most major cities including the district are now on heightened alert. cbs is reporting several other bombs have been identified throughout the city, but thankfully they did not detonate. police stress they do not have any suspects in custody but are questioning, quote, many people. we are hearing there is surveillance video showing a man with what appears to be to backpacks in the boylston street area just moments before the explosions. >> police and medical personnel from across the region have sent dozens, maybe even hundreds of volunteers to help us here in boston. that's what americans do in times of crisis. we come together and we help one another. moments like these terrible as they are don't show our weakness. they show our strength. >> we still do not know who did this
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)